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Guest Post & Giveaway: Diana Quincy, author of Engaging the Earl

Engaging the Earl - Diana Quincy

Engaging the Earl

by Diana Quincy

(Entangled Scandalous)

Release Date:  June 9, 2014

Genre:  Historical Romance


He is a master strategist, but she’s laying siege to his heart...


Vivacious Lady Katherine Granville is the toast of the ton, but society's most eligible miss secretly yearns for her childhood love, an untitled loner who vanished long ago after her father forbade their marriage.


After years abroad, the dark and brooding Edward Stanhope returns to England a changed man. No longer a second son with no prospects, his battlefield strategies have won him an earldom. His return should be a victorious one, but the new Earl of Randolph is battling secret demons that no one can discover. Least of all, Kat.


When the man she can't forget reappears at her betrothal ball, Kat's perfectly arranged future is thrown into tumult. Edward remains cold and distant, hoping she'll marry a man worthy of her. But nothing is settled when Kat sets out to win back her first love. Can the new Earl of Randolph resist the woman he's loved for so many years?

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*Guest Post*



Diana Quincy’s Top 10 Reasons to Look Forward to This Summer



            There’s something very liberating about wearing this ultimate summer shoe.



Once your feet come out of hibernation and into public view, neat trim toenails are a must. Plus, the foot massage and general pampering make this summer ritual one of my favorites.



It’s time to let loose and take a break from your routine, revisiting favorite destinations or exploring new ones with your loved ones.  



What’s not to love about a little more daylight? That’s more time to be outside, whether it’s at the beach, pool, swinging in the hammock or at a cookout.



Speaking of cookouts, I love the laidback relaxed vibe that comes with throwing some hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and inviting the neighbors over.



Who doesn’t enjoy the welcome break from making school lunches, dragging sleepy kids out of bed in the morning and pushing to get them to the bus stop on time? Plus we get a welcome break from nagging them about their homework and studying for tests.


#4  MY “ME” WEEK

I adore my husband and our two sons but I’m not going to lie. I LOVE the one week each summer when my husband takes the kids to an amusement park while I stay home to write. I savor those few precious days alone.



My favorite way to spend these is on my screened-in porch with a glass of ice tea and a book I can totally get lost in.



And blasting the air conditioner while you watch a marathon of movies on TV.



There is nothing like bringing your book baby to market! You’ve obsessed over the sentences and nurtured the story as best you can and now it’s time to finally share your story with readers.


About the Author:


Diana Quincy is an award-winning television journalist who decided she’d rather make up stories where a happy ending is always guaranteed.


Growing up as a foreign service brat, Diana explored many countries before settling down in Virginia with her husband and two sons. When not bent over her laptop or trying to keep up with  laundry, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family and dreams of traveling much more than her current schedule (and budget) allows.


Diana loves to hear from readers. You can follow her on Twitter @Diana_Quincy or visit her website at






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Guest Post: Authors of Entangled Brazen's Wedding Dare series!



Dare to Resist

by Laura Kaye


Find out more!


Trapped and tempted, this battle of wills rages all night long…


Colton Brooks is in hell. Being trapped in a tiny motel room with Kady Dresco, the object of his darkest fantasies, will require every ounce of his restraint. She’s his best friend’s brilliant little sister, not to mention his competition for a lucrative military security services contract. Craving her submission is not allowed. But as her proximity and the memory of their steamy near-miss three years ago slowly destroys his resolve, Colton’s not sure how much longer he can keep his hands off…or his heart closed. 


Find Laura Online

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Falling for the Groomsman

by Jen McLaughlin


Find out more!


She’s the one that got away. He’s the one she can’t forget.


Photojournalist Christine Forsythe is ready to tackle her naughty to-do list, and who better to tap for the job than a hot groomsman? But when she crashes into her best friend’s older brother, her plans change. Tyler Dresco took her virginity during the best night of her life, then bolted. The insatiable heat between them has only grown stronger, but Christine wants revenge. Soon, she’s caught in her own trap of seduction. And before the wedding is over, Tyler’s not the only one wanting more…


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Baiting the Maid of Honor

by Tessa Bailey


Find out more!


He’ll own her from the very first touch.


Julie Piper and Reed Lawson are polar opposites. She’s a people-pleasing former sorority girl. He’s a take-no-prisoners SWAT commander who isolates himself from the world. Until he sees Julie. When they’re forced together at their friends’ posh destination wedding and she’s dared to seduce another man, Reed takes matters into his own hands. One night should be all he needs to get the blond temptress out of his system, but he’s about to find out one taste is never enough…


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Seducing the Bridesmaid

by Katee Robert


Find out more!


She has a plan. He’s about to change it.


Regan Wakefield is unafraid to go after what she wants, so she’s thrilled when her friend's wedding offers her an opportunity to score Logan McCade, the practically perfect best man. Unfortunately, groomsman Brock McNeil keeps getting in her way, riling her up in the most delicious of ways.Regan may pretend the erotic electricity sparking between them is simply a distraction, but Brock will do whatever it takes to convince Regan that the best man for her is him.


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Best Man with Benefits

by Samante Beck


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How far can one favor go…


Logan McCade’s best man duties have just been expanded. Coaxing the groom’s little sister out of her shell should be easy for a high-octane extrovert like himself—or so he thinks until he’s blindsided by the delectably awkward Sophie Brooks. She’s sweet, sexy, and brings much-needed calm to his hectic, workaholic life. Soon, he’s tempting her to explore all her forbidden fantasies…and wondering exactly how far a favor to his best friend can go.


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*Guest Post*


We’re so thrilled to be here today to share the stories in our crazy sexy new Wedding Dare continuity series! A continuity refers to stories by different authors that take place at the same time or one right after the other, sharing characters, settings, and plots. The Wedding Dare series kicked off with Laura Kaye’s Dare to Resist, which tells the story of how the bride and groom fell in love, and continues with the brand new and sizzling hot releases of:


Baiting the Maid of Honor by Tessa Bailey

Seducing the Bridesmaid by Katee Robert

Best Man with Benefits by Samanthe Beck

Falling for the Groomsman by Diane Alberts


These four books are based around a dare: when the four bridesmaids dare one another to find lust—or maybe even love—at their friends’ wedding, they think the groomsmen don’t stand a chance. But little do the women know, the men are onto their game, and sparks will fly alongside the bouquet.


Since our series is built around a dare, today, we thought we’d each share a fun time when we accepted a dare! Here we go:


Diane Alberts: My husband and I were at a fancy, learn-how-to-paint class. It was business casual, and very serious. Hubby dared me to introduce myself to ten people, since I’m shy by nature. He  told me if I did it, he’d dance in front of everyone. I stood up on my chair, waved my arms, and introduced myself to EVERYONE. Needless to say...we all saw his moves that night. ;)


Laura Kaye: Ha! I was taking a shower in the shared bathroom of a co-ed dormitory floor, and when I was done, my clothes and towel were gone. Laughing could be heard from out in the hallway, and then a male voice dared me to come get them if I wanted them. So I unhooked the frosted but kinda see-through shower curtain, wrapped it around my body, and marched through the entire floor until I found my stuff! LOL Ah, college...


Tessa Bailey: Most recently, I was dared by my girlfriends to get on stage at a burlesque show when the dancer asked for a volunteer. She had me crawl across the stage on my hands on knees. Then she motorboated me. Hi mom!


Katee Robert: I got on stage and sang “Kiss Me, I’m Sh*tfaced” to a bar of people who will probably never recover from the one and only time I sang karaoke. Ah, the questionable memories alcohol provides. It seemed like a good idea at the time!


Samanthe Beck: I am legally prohibited from giving the details of the dare, (my sister and a bottle of Malibu Rum may or may not have been involved), but I am no longer welcome on JetBlue.  


Fun right? Do you have a fun story of a dare you once accepted? We want to know!


About the Authors:


Diane Albert is a multi-published, bestselling contemporary romance author with Entangled Publishing. She also writes New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling new adult books under the name Jen McLaughlin. She's hit the Top 100 lists on Amazon and Barnes and Noble numerous times with numerous titles. She was mentioned in Forbes alongside E. L. James as one of the breakout independent authors to dominate the bestselling lists. Diane is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.


Laura Kaye is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen novels in contemporary and paranormal romance and romantic suspense, including the Hard Ink, Heroes, and Hearts of the Anemoi series. Learn more at


Tessa Bailey is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and new adult romance. Learn more about her new releases at


Katee Robert is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and speculative fiction romance. Check out her newest releases at


Samanthe Beck is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance for Entangled’s Brazen line. Learn more about her books at

Book Spotlight: The Mean Girl Apologies by Stephanie Monahan

The Mean Girl Apologies

by Stephanie Monahan


You know that catchy song you keep hearing on the radio?


It’s about you.


Natalie Jamison has spent five years trying to forget the girl she was in high school: popular, pretty…and, okay, mean. Now in her twenties and living once again in her small town, she’s right back where she was: following Queen Bee Amber and keeping secrets from her best friend, Sarah.


Secrets like Jack Moreland.


Everyone knows Jack Moreland—his new album, Good Enough, is everywhere. He’s famous. Impossibly handsome. Completely untouchable. But what none of Natalie’s old clique knows is that in high school, Natalie and Jack fell in love. And their secret relationship was incredible, painful—and earth-shattering enough to inspire an entire album.


Facing friends and enemies isn’t easy, but Natalie will go to great lengths to prove she is good enough—to her friends, to herself, and most of all, to the small-town boy turned worldwide heartthrob she never forgot.

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Goodreads



About the Author:

Stephanie Monahan received her degree in English Literature from Binghamton University. In addition to reading and writing, she is passionate about her dog and cat, British pop music, andthe beach. Born and raised in upstate New York, Stephanie now lives in central Massachusettswith her husband. Her first book, 33 VALENTINES, was nominated for a 2013 Book of theYear award at Coffee Time Romance & More. You can find her online at


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Guest Post: Kathleen Bittner Roth, author of The Seduction of Sarah Marks

The Seduction of Sarah Marks (Entangled Scandalous) - Kathleen Bittner Roth

The Seduction of Sarah Marks 

by Kathleen Bittner Roth 

(Entangled Scandalous)

Release Date: June 9, 2014

Genre: Historical Romance

He may be her savior... or what she needs most


England 1857


After a blow to her head, Sarah Marks awakens in a strange bed with a strange man and no memory of how she got there. Her handsome bedmate, Lord Eastleigh, tells her she’s suffering from amnesia and the best course of action is to travel home with him until she recovers her memory.


Lord Eastleigh has his own reasons for helping Sarah and keeping her close. Reasons he cannot tell her. As they struggle to restore her memory, their undeniable, inadvisable attraction grows—until Sarah finally remembers the one thing that could keep them apart forever.


Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Goodreads



*Guest Post*




Meet Author Kathleen Bittner Roth whose historical romance The Seduction of Sarah Marks is now available.


 Welcome, Kathleen. Can you tell us a little something about yourself and about the book?


Thank you very much for having me. Hmm, where to start? Somehow, I have managed to live in six U.S. states and several foreign countries. Once I realized that making a living was not the same as making a life, I set about blazing my own trail. I founded a successful well-being center, walked on fire, went scuba diving in dangerous waters, and learned to ride my Arabian horse English style. Then I met a dashing European, and we married in a castle in Scotland. Currently, I reside in Budapest, Hungary, but I still keep one boot in Texas and the other in my home state of Minnesota. I consider writing romance a wonderful venue for creating characters faced with difficult choices, and who are forced to draw on their strength of spirit in order to overcome adversity and find unending love.


The Seduction of Sarah Marks is very special to me because after my husband passed away from a sudden illness, I dreamed the story all in one night! I woke up filled with the essence of every character, and feeling ready to jump back into life. I like to think I was given this little gift as a way of helping me overcome a great loss.


Despite the serious nature of both the heroine and hero having suffered amnesia, the humor injected by the secondary characters had me giggling while writing. I do hope you enjoy Sarah’s and Eastleigh’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here’s a little bit about them and their world:


Whatever Miss Sarah Marks once knew—of herself or of anything much at all—she has no clue. All she knows is her name and that she woke up in bed with a stranger in a shabby inn. Frightened out of her wits, Sarah’s only goal is to escape and return home. Wherever home might be.


Viscount Eastleigh, eldest son of an earl, must wed, but injuries sustained during the Crimean War forced healing to take precedence over marriage. Deeming himself fit to travel, the very private lord informs his meddlesome family that he is off to the Continent for a much needed respite. In truth, he intends to find a wife of his choosing, not theirs. His well-laid plans run afoul when an incident occurs along the way and he is forced to return home accompanied by a prim and proper country miss devoid of memory and in desperate need of shelter.


Here are a few lines that give Sarah fair warning that she is about to meet a quirky, mischievous family:


"I should warn you of my family before we arrive."


"Warn me?”


He grinned. "Everyone should have fair warning of the Malverns."



Eastleigh has three rambunctious brothers and four equally high-spirited sisters. One sister, Will (short for Willamette), dresses and acts like a man, and is hell-bent on bringing down Sarah.


A wonderfully eccentric grandmother lives with Eastleigh (think Betty White, the actress). She “tipples” all the gin, ciders and cordials she concocts, steals apples and cherries on the sly from the cook to do so, and pretty much does as she darn well pleases.


There is a darkly handsome reclusive cousin knighted by the Queen who lives nearby. Mysteriously at odds with Eastleigh since the two returned from the war, they were once as close as brothers.


As both Eastleigh and Sarah struggle to restore her memory, their undeniable, inadvisable attraction grows—until Sarah finally remembers the one thing that could keep them apart forever.


About the Author:

Kathleen Bittner Roth creates passionate stories featuring characters faced with difficult choices, and who are forced to draw on their strength of spirit to overcome adversity and find unending love.


Her own fairy tale wedding in a Scottish castle led her to her current residence in Budapest, Hungary, considered one of Europe’s most romantic cities. However, she still keeps one boot firmly in Texas and the other in her home state of Minnesota.


A member of Romance Writers of America®, she was a 2012 Golden Heart® finalist. You can find Kathleen on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and her website at


Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook




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Recipe for Seduction by Gina Gordon & Seducing The Playboy by Amanda Usen


Seducing the Playboy

(A Hot Nights Series Book)

by Amanda Usen  

Release Date: 5/26/14

Genre: Contemporary Romance (Hot)


Work hard, play harder...


The best desserts are worth the wait…


Pastry chef Jenna Cooper crushed hard on playboy chef Roman Gallagher when her older brother brought him home to share their family Christmas six years ago. Now she’s old enough to do something about it, and she won’t take no for an answer—for anything.


Out of the frying pan into the fire…


Roman has one hard and fast rule—don’t sleep where you eat. But he can’t say no to Jenna’s plea for him to help her save her family business. Soon she's working for him, and their scorching chemistry melts Roman’s resistance.


If you can’t stand the heat…


Jenna knows Roman has reservations about enjoying the heat between them, but she’s got a plan. She’s going to keep this sexy man so satisfied in—and out—of the kitchen, he won’t regret a thing. But Roman has his own ideas. He wants more than a few hot nights, and he's going to teach Jenna a lesson about playing with fire.

   Amazon / B & N / Goodreads


About the Author:


Amanda Usen knows two things for certain: chocolate cheesecake is good for breakfast and a hot chef can steal your heart. Her husband stole hers on the first day of class at the Culinary Institute of America. They married after graduation in a lovely French Quarter restaurant in New Orleans. After enjoying the food and the fun in the Big Easy for a few years, they returned to Western New York to raise a family.


Amanda spends her days teaching pastry arts classes at a local community college and her nights writing romance. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America ® and the Western New York Romance Writers. When she’s not writing, teaching or baking, she can usually be found chasing the kids around the yard with her very own scrumptious husband.


Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Newsletter





Recipe For Seduction

(A Madewood Brothers Novel)

by Gina Gordon

Release Date: 5/26/14

Genre:  Contemporary Romance (Hot)


Let the game of seduction begin...


Veronica Whitfield feels like a frumpy old maid. After ten years of raising her younger siblings, she’s desperate to get her sexy back. And why not find it with the man she’s been in lust with since she was twelve years old—her brother’s best friend, Finn O’Reilly?


Finn is looking for love. And not any love—true love. Complete with the white picket fence, two children, and a dog. He’s just been a little unlucky finding it, and he sure as hell isn’t about to consider his best friend’s little sister for the job, no matter how badly he wants her in his bed.


But then Veronica propositions him with a game of dark, delicious seduction. Finn is tempted to indulge his hidden need for kink, but at what cost? Following through could very well ruin their friendship, but maybe—just maybe—helping Veronica rediscover her sexy side is exactly what he needs to find love at last…

Amazon / B & N / Goodreads / Entangled Publishing


About the Author:


When her dream of becoming a mafia princess didn’t pan out, Gina Gordon went after her second dream…becoming a writer. And she hasn’t looked back.


Gina, a self-proclaimed happily ever after junkie and cupcake connoisseuse, loves spinning contemporary tales of knee bending first kisses, unconditional love and super-hot sex. She broke out onto the romance scene with her #1 Amazon Bestselling erotic short story Her Five Favorite Words that’s been called a “deliciously naughty tale” by Joyfully Reviewed.


When not chained to her computer, you can find Gina sipping Starbucks, making cupcakes or feeding her addiction to celebrity gossip. She lives in Milton, Ontario with her husband and lovable dog.


Website / Twitter / Facebook / FB Group / Newsletter

The Demon Creed by Paula Altenburg

The Demon Creed (A Demon Outlaws Novel) (Entangled Select) - Paula Altenburg

The Demon Creed

(A Demon Outlaws Novel)

by Paula Altenburg 

(Entangled Select)

Release Date: 5/26/14

Genre: Paranormal Romance


As a highly skilled assassin, Creed is used to being called upon by the Godseekers for help. But in a world just recently rid of demons, the task to now track down half-demons isn't as easy as it seems. Not only is Creed himself a secret half-demon now going against his own kin, but when he discovers numerous innocent children are being kidnapped in the mountains, he second guesses his mission. Justice should be for all, not just for demon spawn.


Living in a world of cruel men, Nieve has no memory of her life before her enslavement. But when Creed comes around asking questions about missing children, the memories of her half-demon son - and the demon who tricked her - come flooding back. Now, Nieve will do anything to get her son back...even if it means putting her trust in Creed.


Together they set out to find the Demon Slayer who can help them. Little do they know the demon who fathered Nieve's son is also searching for Nieve, and he's teamed up with the kidnapper to draw her out.  Creed and Nieve must race against the clock to save the children, their hearts, and the world.

Tagline: Never show fear to a demon.

Amazon / B & N / Goodreads / Entangled Publishing



*Guest Post*


What I’m Watching

Paula Altenburg

…Aside from the neighbours, and the various celebrities I stalk online. Thanks for outing me, Facebook.


I don’t watch a lot of television. I don’t like to invest the amount of time required in following a story line unless the story line is incidental to the show. For example, I love the Big Bang Theory. For most of the seasons, the underlying story line had to do with the relationship between Penny and Leonard. If I missed an episode, I didn’t feel as if I missed anything important that couldn’t be recaptured in reruns. I like the jokes. I love Sheldon Cooper and his bromance with Star Trek’s Will Wheaton.


As far as movies go, again, if I’m going to invest the time and the money (because I like the movie theatre more than a little), then it’s got to be something I’m dying to see. The new X-Men movie is on this list. So is the second Spider-man movie, of course.


Netflix, however, is poised to change my life and my viewing habits.


We live in a remote rural area with broadband internet access that’s been somewhat sketchy. Netflix has been torture unless we watched it at 3:00 am. (And yes, we’ve done that. Desperation makes people do strange things.) It could take over three hours to watch a 1.5 hour movie because it would reload. Incessantly.


The reality of living in rural Nova Scotia is that, if you don’t see a movie in the theater, you’re SOL. Your options are buying the DVD or watching it on Netflix. (See dilemma noted above.)


Then, around Christmas, our satellite signal started dropping at inopportune moments and for indeterminate periods, like when my son was trying to submit a paper online  to his Master’s program in Ontario. (Fun times.) We assumed it was user overload because the neighbourhood kids were all home from school, so I largely ignored it.


As soon as it inconvenienced me, however, I called in a complaint. I work from home and rely on the internet. It’s a bit difficult to communicate with editors, agents, and publicists, and turn in manuscripts, when your internet access keeps dropping.


Long story sort of shorter. The service provider changed our signal, and now we can watch Netflix.  That means we can watch entire television series in a few sittings. It also means we can start a movie to see if we like it, and if we don’t, we can ditch it.


Hugo, for example. I saw the trailer for this in the theater and it definitely tweaked my interest, but I didn’t make it to the theater in time. Another reality of rural life is that you can’t always catch something while it’s playing, which means a choice has to be made. Buy the DVD or never see it at all?


I am absolutely, 100% in favour of buying DVDs. I’ll often see a movie in the theater and then pay full price for the movie when it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again and again. I believe in supporting the arts. After all, I’m not thrilled when people tell me they download books for free (although I do understand it, so don’t worry if you’re guilty of it).


Now that we can watch Netflix, however, Hugo was the first thing we streamed. We got to watch the entire movie from start to finish, without any reloading. 


It’s also broadening our viewing horizons. I am not at all a Will Ferrell fan. I don’t like teenage boy humour movies unless I’m watching teenage boys watching them, in which case they can be hysterical. One night, however, we wanted to watch a comedy and decided to give WF a chance. We didn’t have to watch the whole thing if we hated it.


Has anyone else seen Casa de Mi Padre?


I actually enjoyed it. The entire movie was in Spanish, complete with English subtitles to give it a “faux foreign flick” feel. And for the record, I didn’t know coyotes couldn’t be trained either, although I suppose it’s a logical enough assumption. (Watch the movie. You’ll get the joke.)


I’m also guessing that in a few months, my disparaging comments about people who watch dumb movie humour or cheesy television series will have ceased entirely. I watched The Heat, with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  *Hangs head in shame.*


The Altenburg household has dipped its toes into entertainment technology. It’s a whole new viewing world for us.


Send help. 


About the Author:


I’d like to be able to say I always wanted to be a writer, but the truth is I thought it looked like a lot of hard work. Life, however, sometimes leads us down paths we never intended to take.


From the very beginning, my parents encouraged my love of books. When a Grade One teacher suggested I wrote too many “thrillers,” my mother, an English teacher, said I could write – and read – whatever I wanted. My high school English teachers later backed her up on that. In university, I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Anthropology. At the time it was a whim, but it’s amazing how much that little piece of paper has benefited me over the years.Researching the history of civilizations has led to many intriguing worldbuilding possibilities.


When my children were babies and money was tight, my mother, grandmother, and husband bought me an electric typewriter for my birthday because they knew I was bored and wanted me to be happy. My mother became my very first critique partner, willingly reading pages and pages of manuscripts no one should ever have to suffer through. She researched markets for me, and introduced me to a journalist friend, who in turn introduced me to the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia. My brother and my brother-in-law introduced me to Thieves’ World, David Eddings, and Piers Anthony. My sister gave me my first computer.


My grandmothers believed if something’s too hard, you aren’t working hard enough. My brother and sisters have all successfully followed their dreams, and my husband and two sons offer me proof every day that hard work is something to be embraced, not avoided. With these people behind me, how could I possibly stray from a path on which life seems to have planted them as guardrails?


Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads




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Spellbound in Sleepy Hollow: A Von Tassel Sisters Anthology

Spellbound in Sleepy Hollow: A Von Tassel Sisters Anthology

by Patricia Eimer, Rosalie Lario, and Boone Brux

(Entangled Edge)   

Release Date: 5/27

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Fall in love, save some immortal souls, break a problem.


The Von Tassel sisters are in deep.  With a new inn opening up to non-magic guests, these three witches have enough to worry about, but after a deal with the Headless Horseman, all three Von Tassel sisters must find their true loves by All Hallow's Eve or forever be trapped as ghosts in Sleepy Hollow like their ill-fated aunties.


Will Stephanie be able to forgive her playboy ex? Will Bri be able to win back her childhood cruch-turned-ghost hunter? Will Lexi be able to sway her supernatural employee? And will they all be able to fall in love by the week's end?

Amazon / B & N / Entangled Publishing


About the Authors:


Rosalie Lario:


Award-winning author, Rosalie Lario, double majored in Anthropology and Classics at Florida State University. She briefly considered becoming an archaeologist before realizing that: (a) they do not actually live the life of Indiana Jones, and (b) she hates getting her hands dirty. She never imagined all the mythology she learned might someday come in handy, but it makes perfect fodder for the stories she now dreams up. Best of all, no dirt involved! When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family in their home state of Florida.


Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Newsletter


Patricia Eimer:


A former academic (and still unashamed lover of all things geek) Patricia Eimer now lives her dream of hanging out all day in her jammies, arguing plot points with her two dogs and claiming all her time spent on Twitter and LaineyGossip really is research for an upcoming book and not just wasting time. Patricia writes sassy, sexy romance for smart women and is desperately trying to figure out a romance novel that involves a gourmet ice cream maker and a prize winning cupcake baker who both love good wine and gourmet tea. She’s sure that with just enough culinary research (which may take years) she can find just the right recipe to make that story worse. Or at least that’s what she tells herself every time she’s unloading a cart full of goodies at the grocery store. 


Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads


Boone Brux:


As a bestselling author, Boone Brux’s books range from high fantasy to humorous paranormal. Boone has lived all over the world, finally settling in the icy region of Alaska, where she writes full time. Always looking for the next adventure, it’s not unusual to find her traversing the remotest parts of the Alaskan bush. No person or escapade is off limits when it comes to weaving real life experiences into her books or blogs.


Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads / Newsletter


Her Royal Protector by Alexandra Sellers


Her Royal Protector

(a Johari Crown Novel) 

by Alexandra Sellers 

(Entangled Indulgence)



Aly Percy is her family's ugly duckling, and she's never been allowed to forget it. So she knows better than to imagine that Cup Companion Arif al Najimi's blue gaze holds anything but contempt for her as a woman, or ever will. But if he's offering to show her just how wild one night with him can be, wouldn't she be a fool to turn down his charity? She may never get another offer like this one.


Arif al Najimi isn't sure why he's dreaming about the little scientist who's so determined to take crazy risks for the sake of her research into the endangered turtles of his country. But as luck would have it, he's going to get the chance to do a little research of his own…into the question of why Aly believes her own negative publicity about how desirable she is—and how hard it will be to convince her of the truth.

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About the Author:


Canadian born, Alexandra Sellers was raised in Toronto and on the prairies. She studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London (UK) and acted on stage for several years before her first novel was published by Dell and Robert Hale in 1980. Since then she has written over 40 books. The author of the popular Sons of the Desert series, she is the recipient of the Romantic Times' Career Achievement Award for Series (2009) and Series Romantic Fantasy (2000). She divides her time between London, Crete and Vancouver.


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Giveaway: BAD LUCK GIRL by Sarah Zettel

Bad Luck Girl - Sarah Zettel

Bad Luck Girl: The American Fairy Trilogy Book 3 - Sarah Zettel 


Hardcover368 pages
Publication: May 27th 2014 by Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN13: 9780375869402
Fans of Libba Bray's The Diviners will love the blend of fantasy and twentieth-century history in this stylish series.

After rescuing her parents from the Seelie king at Hearst Castle, Callie is caught up in the war between the fairies of the Midnight Throne and the Sunlit Kingdoms. By accident, she discovers that fairies aren't the only magical creatures in the world. There's also Halfers, misfits that are half fairy and half . . . other—half paper, half steel girder, half electric spark. As the war heats up, Callie's world falls apart. And even though she's the child of prophecy, she doubts she can save the Halfers, her people, her family, and Jack, let alone herself. Bad Luck Girl, they call Callie, and she's starting to believe them.


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Guest Post & Giveaway: Jamie Schmidt, author of The Queen's Wings

The Queen's Wings: The Emerging Queens

by Jamie K. Schmidt 

(Entangled Edge)

Release Date: 5/27/14

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Long ago, the Cult of Humanity sacrificed the Dragon Queen, crippling the breeding process.  But now Carolyn hears the voice of that long dead queen telling her that she holds the key to breaking the spell that will free all the female dragons.


FBI dragon Reed’s disdain for humans can’t mask the magnetic attraction he has for Carolyn, but when she tells him she’s going to shift into a dragon he thinks she’s crazy. A female hasn’t been hatched, or shape shifted, in over a thousand years.


He’s proven wrong after Carolyn shifts and is named the new Queen on the block. A never-ending line of suitors forms, but she only wants Reed. Too bad he doesn’t want in on the competition. But when the Cult kidnaps Carolyn to sacrifice her in an effort to make the curse against the female dragons permanent, Reed must face his fears—and feelings, racing to save the woman he realizes he can’t live without. 

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*Guest Post*



Dragons, Dragons, and more Dragons


Jamie K. Schmidt


May 27th is the release date of the first novel in The Emerging Queens Series from Entangled’s Edge line.  The Queen’s Wings is about a girl who knows in her heart she is going to shift into a dragon, but no one believes her.


Dragons have always been an obsession with me.  It started out with the gorgeous illustrations in Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine.  Then in college we played a role playing game called Shadowrun, where the rules of being a shadow mercenary included “Never Deal with a Dragon.”  I like cute dragons.  I collect Real Musgrave’s pocket dragons.  I like scary dragons.  I went to GenCon one year where they had the head of a red dragon snarling malevolently out at the passersby.  He wouldn’t fit in my carryon, but I wanted to take him home anyway.  Throughout the years there have been dragon beanie babies, dragon T-shirts—I just wasted a half hour trying to find the shirt I wore to rags.  It was an orange dragon, clutching his teddy bear, while breathing smoke out of his nose—dragon ornaments, and a dragon incense burner.  Yeah, you could say I am a bit obsessed.


But unlike Carolyn, my heroine in The Queen’s Wings, I don’t wish to fly or become a dragon.  I’m awfully clumsy as it is and I can only imagine the destruction I would wreck flapping my wings or coming in for a landing.  I think the closest I’ll come to a dragon is a tattoo.  I’ve been thinking about getting one on my back and shoulder.  It would be a green dragon, sitting on a pile of books while knitting a long scarf.  The only problem about getting that would be I’d never get to see it unless I was looking over my shoulder in the mirror.


Besides, if you’re a dragon there’s always some knight who wants to slay you.  Or in Carolyn’s case, an evil cult wanting to eradicate all female dragons. It’s much safer to write about them and google search for a new T-shirt.


Here’s a snippet below from The Queen’s Wings:


     The wind caressed my scales as I banked toward the dawn. The chilly morning air woke up my tummy, even though the flock of sheep I had nibbled on at midnight had been really tasty and filled me up. I had covered miles and miles, just flying for the sheer freedom of it.

     As the sun rose, my eyes blinked. They were wind burned and sleepy. I wheeled and headed for home. Swirling my long green-and-gold tail around the chimney helped me steady my bulk on the roof. I let out a large yawn that shook the leaves from the nearby trees. Curling my forelegs underneath me, I rested my massive head on the shale of the roof and faded off into sleep.

     Much later, an icy blast of rain shocked me awake, and I nearly fell off the roof before scrabbling to get a hold on the wet bricks. I was on top of the house without any clothes on…again. Blinking tears and raindrops out of my eyes, I stared at my human hands. No talons appeared. I closed my eyes and grunted, trying to grow back the wings that I never saw while I was awake. Running my hands over my body, I checked for scales or horns but no such luck. I tilted my head back to let out an acid-breathing blast of air, but only collapsed into hacking coughs.

     Finishing with a tremendous sneeze, I sniffled and scurried down the roof and into my open bedroom window. I hoped the rain would keep Mr. Myers and Biffi the cockapoo inside today. I didn’t think he’d buy the new yoga technique story twice in one week.

     My bedroom floor was slightly soggy, and I closed the window before I had a major puddle. While pulling myself into a ratty, but warm, Turkish robe, I plodded over to the mirror.

     “I am a dragon,” I told my reflection. It seemed to be convinced, but the fever-bright eyes could have been a consequence of being on the roof all night without any clothes on. It would have been easier if I was crazy. Then I wouldn’t second-guess myself all the time. I would put on my tin-foil hat—or in this case my homemade wire hanger dragon wings, and skip merrily through life.

     “Shift,” I gritted out and pushed outward with all my might. All I had to show for it was a few burst blood vessels on my face and a doozy of a headache.

     Of course, the reflection didn’t remind me there were only five Queens in the world. The only one in North America was Esmeralda. I read up on her on the Internet before I went to bed last night. She was a violet Cuélebre—more snakelike than lizard, with massive wings. They called her the Brood Mother, and she lived in a rebuilt Mayan temple in Mexico, on sixty acres of rainforest. No humans allowed.

     A few male dragons who weren’t sequestered away into her harem were allowed to take pictures and do long articles on her power and beauty. Eighty percent of all the modern dragons on this continent were her sons. The other twenty percent were wild born, shifting into their new shape in their late adolescence. None were female.

     I was born to Bob and Mary Sue Donovan from Orange Grove, Florida. The most exciting thing my family ever did was go on Family Feud. We lost to the Santiagos when my brother botched a question. Name something you find in a gym. Sweat socks. Seriously?

     And that ended the Donovans’ fifteen minutes of fame.




About the Author:


Jamie Kleinkauf-Schmidt has over thirty short stories published in small press and ezines. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz in Secondary Education English, which is a fancy way of saying she went to college to teach high school English. When that didn’t pan out, she worked as a call center manager, a Tupperware consultant, a paralegal, and finally a technical writer for a major conglomerate company. She is an active member in the Romance Writers of America (RWA), serving as the PRO liaison for her local chapter Connecticut Romance Writers of America (CTRWA).


When not writing, Jamie relaxes with a mug of hot tea and knits or makes beaded jewelry. She sells her handcrafted items at The Dudley Farm during the summer. A voracious reader, Jamie has a Kindle and is not afraid to use it.


Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads





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GOJI by Sara-Beth Cole


Title: Goji
Author: Sara-Beth Cole
Series: Reality Series #1
Genre: YA, paranormal
Published: May 9, 2014

After spending six years in hiding, Calista Barron is discovered, but not by her brutal adoptive parents who had caused her to flee.

Callie learns that her birth mother was a Moira, one of the three sisters who rule a hidden world of supernatural creatures. Callie discovers her new Reality with the help of a young clairvoyant named Shyla and her protector, a secretive Goji named Bale who has become Callie's own personal gargoyle.

Now, it's up to Callie to destroy her aunts and free the Hands of Fate from an eternity of slavery.



“Close the door, Calista, and lock it until I tell you that you’re safe,” Bale ordered in a tone that terrified her.
Callie automatically obeyed. The horrific sounds from the fight on the other side of the door grew louder before stopping altogether.
“Calista, stay in your room,” Bale repeated. His voice darkened with anger.
Indignation mixed with curiosity. Callie unlocked her bedroom door and cried out at the wreckage. Three men lay dead on her living room floor. Bale stood above one of them, holding a large purple vial. The sound of her yell did not distract him from pouring a single drop of the liquid onto the first body before doing the same to the other two. Within seconds, the men were engulfed in a thick, acrid mist. The mist dissipated leaving nothing behind.
“I told you to stay in your room.” Bale capped the vial. He held it by the chain attached to the cap and placed it over his head, letting it dangle from his neck.
“Who-who were they? Why did you kill them?” Callie’s voice trembled as much as her body.
“Bloodhounds. If I didn’t kill them, they would have killed you.”

Sara-Beth Cole lives in Michigan with her husband, two children, dog, and cat. She loves reading and learning about biology. She is an expert coffee-drinker and collects local art.



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Excerpt & Giveaway: Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles


Title: Stupid Girl
Author: Cindy Miles
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication: May 13, 2014

Only fools fall in love...

After her senior year of high school leaves behind nothing but heartache, Olivia Beaumont is sure of this: She’s no stupid girl. She sets out for Winston College, promising herself that she will remain focused on her first and only love – astronomy. But all it takes is cocky sophomore Brax Jenkins and an accidental collision with a football, to throw her entire year off course.

A quick-tempered Southie who escaped the inner city streets of Boston to pitch for Winston, Brax is known to play way more fields than just the baseball diamond. So, when his name is drawn to take part in his fraternity’s hazing dare, Brax eagerly accepts the mission to take Olivia’s virginity. But he doesn’t plan on falling hard for the sweet and sassy Texas girl who sees right through his bad-boy persona.

As Olivia and Brax battle their feelings for each other, echoes of the past year begin to surface. A boy who once turned Olivia’s whole world upside down reappears, and “harmless” pranks wreak havoc. Pretty soon the aspiring astronomer is on the verge of revealing her most difficult, heartbreaking secret. All the while, Brax must wrestle with the irrevocable dare, and Olivia struggles against all logic as she does the one thing only a stupid girl would do: fall in love.


“Heads up!”
Just as I turned, a sudden, powerful force slammed into me, taking me down, and I hit the ground with enough vigor to make the breathwhoosh out of my lungs. The box flew out of my arms, and I was a little stunned at first, lying in the grass. It wasn’t an unfamiliar feeling; I’d been thrown from so many horses over the years, I’d lost count. And this is what being thrown felt like. Maybe worse. My hat had shifted and now shaded my eyes. I concentrated on breathing.
Then, suddenly, my hat was pushed off my face, and he was over me. Arms braced on either side of my head. Looking down. Frozen in place, I couldn’t do anything else except stare back at him, and I watched his smile fade as his gaze fixed on mine. He looked about as surprised as I felt.
His face took me off guard. It was … shocking. Not handsome—almost frightening. Rough. The lightest, most startling blue eyes I’d ever seen stared down at me. One of them had a really recent black and blue shiner marring the otherwise fair skin. A whitish half-moon scar started at the corner of the other eye and curved around his cheek bone. Another white scar jagged down from his jaw, just below his ear, halfway down his throat; it was met by a black tattooed inscription that disappeared down his shirt. Super dark hair—almost black—swung over his forehead, and equally dark brows furrowed. We both stared for a few seconds.
Then, his head lowered, and full, firm lips covered mine.
And he kissed me.
One, two, three seconds passed as my brain reclined in some hazy fog where I didn’t know anything or anyone. Only this kiss. Strong lips pushed mine open, just a bit, and a velvety tongue barely swept against mine. A faint trace of spearmint lingered. For an instant, I was completely lost.
Then, the shock wore off, and my brain worked again. Almost too well. Between reality and old panic clawing at me, I reacted.
I reared my knee up and sunk it straight into his family jewels. “Get off me,” I said in a low firm voice. I put my palms against his chest and shoved him.
“Ah, damn!” the guy wheezed. He grabbed his crotch and fell over onto his side. He groaned in pain. I leapt up, stepped over him, and started grabbing my books.
“Jesus fuck, Sunshine.” The guy laughed and wheezed at the same time, and still clutched himself. “What’d you do that for?”
His voice wasn’t too deep and sort of raspy. Heavy accent. He looked like a gangster, only he wore a WU Silverbacks tee shirt, with the number 14 at the upper left chest. Whah’d you do that fah? Definitely not from Texas. He’d kissed me. And for a moment, I’d let him. What was wrong with me? I spared him a harsh glare. 
“Are you crazy? Why do you think?”
Male voices caught my attention, and I looked over to my left. A group of guys—jocks, all wearing Silverbacks tees—were laughing. One was on the ground, howling like a total fool.
Apparently, college would be just like high school after all. Maybe worse.
National bestselling author Cindy Miles writes edgy romance, ranging from contemporary love stories to sexy paranormals. A native of southern coastal Georgia, she loves reading (naturally), baking swoon-worthy desserts, traveling abroad, yoga, and classic rock. The cover for her upcoming New Adult romance, STUPID GIRL, was featured on USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog. In the novel, a volatile mix of bad boys, sassy smart girls, dark secrets, and red-hot romance add up to one wild ride through college.
Hang out with Cindy on her Facebook fan page at:
Or check out her website:

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Guest Post: Shawn Martin, author of Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not - Shawn Martin

Forget Me Not - Martin Shawn 

PaperbackFirst307 pages
Published March 31st 2014 by Vinspire Publishing
ISBN: 9780989063234
Ever since Addison came back to Aileen, her have been brighter and life is sweeter. Until a mysterious man slips a spellbinding cameo around her neck, a cameo that strangles memories. Aileen is left with not the faintest notion who Addison is.

Addison, a three hundred year old fugitive from the netherworld taking the form of Shadowflesh, recognizes the cameo and the curse cast upon his unsuspecting love. But he knows breaking the curse, which may bring back her memories, will cost Aileen her life. To love her means to let her go.

But Aileen can't take her eyes off the stranger who keeps ignoring her. The stranger who pushes her into the arms of another.

Geoff, who has waited oh, so long for Aileen, tries to sweep her off her feet at the Christmas masquerade ball. But a serendipitous moment lands Aileen back together with Addison. One passionate kiss later, she knows beyond a shadow of doubt that she loves Addison, the icy stranger with smoky blue eyes.

Remembering comes at too high a price though. Aileen must run for her life with the curse only a breath away.
*Guest Post*

Three Easy Rules


Shawn Martin


When I was in college, I stumbled upon a book filled with nostalgic black and white pictures of Hollywood's supernatural creatures.  The one which I remember the most was the werewolf.  That was because of the scholarly debate which ensued among my friends.  How do you kill a werewolf?


I listened to all the theories, everything from a stake in the heart to being eaten by a shark to thermonuclear annihilation.  But deep down I knew they were all wrong.  The only way to kill a werewolf is by shooting it in the heart with a silver bullet, and I said as much.  Then I caught the wrath of a dozen philosophy majors, ranting and raving about how deadly nukes could be.


Though the detonation of a nuclear bomb might indeed result in the demise of a man-wolf hybrid, it would have little long-term effect on the paranormal hairy beasty—the one that matters.  And I came to this conclusion:  If you're going to debate, discuss, or write about the paranormal world, you must follow three easy rules. 


Rule 1:  You can't change the lore.  No matter how much it might make sense, no matter how convincing someone makes an argument, you can't change the lore surrounding a paranormal being.  Let's look at that werewolf again.  Say you write a story where the heroine chops off the werewolf's head and mails it to Bora Bora.  Halfway there, the mail plane is sucked into the ocean, never to be seen again.  And you conclude your story by saying the werewolf is "dead."  Well, if the paranormal creature ends up dead in your story, then fine...  but it wasn't a werewolf.  No silver bullet.


Rule 2:  Follow the lore.  Vampires are often far more fascinating than werewolves, because there are a lot more ways to kill a vampire.  Stake in the heart, sunlight, fire, just to name a few.  But there is only one way to kill a werewolf.  So, if you write a story about a werewolf and the werewolf must die, work a gunslinger with sterling bullets into the pages.  It's a must.


Rule 3:  If you can't follow Rule 1 & 2, create your own paranormal being with its own lore.  This happens to be my favorite rule.  While I enjoy a good vampire novel or werewolf story, I find myself enthralled with new and exciting beings escaping the dungeon of some writer's mind.  There are no limits, and anything can happen.  No silver bullets necessary.


About the Author: 

Shawn Martin is the author of Forget Me Not, a young adult paranormal novel and the second book in the Shadowflesh Series.  (Shadowflesh, following Rule 3, is a paranormal being locked within an ethereal prison but allowed to roam the earth from time to time, gathering the souls of their victims).

Release Day! THE WARRIOR by Victoria Scott

Entangled Teen is excited to be announcing the release of Victoria Scott’s, The Warrior, the third and final book in the Dante Walker series, which readers are already raving about!


 The Warrior (Entangled Teen) - Victoria Scott      


About The Warrior:


War between heaven and hell is coming, but Dante Walker makes it look damn good.

Dante’s girlfriend, Charlie, is fated to save the world. And Aspen, the girl who feels like a sister, is an ordained soldier. In order to help both fulfill their destiny and win the war, Dante must complete liberator training at the Hive, rescue Aspen from hell, and uncover a message hidden on an ancient scroll.

Dante is built for battle, but even he can’t handle the nightmares where spiders crawl from Aspen’s eyes, or the look on Charlie’s face that foretells of devastation. To make matters worse, the enemy seizes every opportunity to break inside the Hive and cripple the liberators. But the day of reckoning is fast approaching, and to stand victorious, Dante will have to embrace something inside himself he never has before—faith.


Find The Warrior Online:


Amazon / B&N / Goodreads






Victoria Scott is a teen fiction writer represented by Sara Crowe of the Harvey-Klinger Literary Agency. She’s the author of the FIRE & FLOOD series published by Scholastic, and the DANTE WALKER trilogy published by Entangled Teen. Her books have been bought and translated in eleven foreign markets including the UK, Turkey, China, Poland, Israel, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Taiwan, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.


Victoria lives in Dallas with her husband and hearts cotton candy something fierce.


Find Victoria Scott Online:




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