Guest Post: Robyn Lindsey, author of Breaking Free

Title: Breaking Free

Author: Robyn Lindsey

Publisher: Tri Oak Publishing (March 29, 2014)



Samantha Green’s father died when she was very young. Her mother was bedridden before she was in middle school and passed away while she was in her teens. Sam learned from an early age that life was easier if she didn’t let anyone in. She built up walls and closed herself off to protect herself from the possibility of being hurt. That is… until she started to struggle with her own mortality. Sam struggles with a question that eats away at her soul: did her life ever mean anything if there is no one left to mourn her after she is gone? This is a book about finding your own soul, about accepting life’s losses and allowing them to color your world. It’s about sharing your light with not only yourself, but also allowing others in to bask in it. 


Guest Post:


My recent novel, Breaking Free was born amongst a lot of crying, screaming and grunting.  Not really, but it was a birth nonetheless.  Any time an author writes something that is to be shared with the public, from a poem to a blog post to a book, they are giving birth to part of their soul to share with the world.  Like an infant coming into the world, the birth of a book should not be taken lightly. 


Breaking Free, from concept to publication, took 28 years.  I first had the idea as a teen and I am now 42.  Could I have published it sooner, like 26 years ago or more?  Probably so, but I had a lot of growing to do, both as a person, and as a writer, before the time was right.  As it stands, 28 years was just the right amount of time for Breaking Free.  I’m hoping it’s a matter of months for the sequel. 


Breaking Free is my first work of fiction that has been unfurled onto the public.  Prior to Breaking Free, I published 3 guided journals, a poetry compilation, and a photo book.  I wrote the guided journals as part of my life coaching business.  One for grief, one for empowerment, one for joy.  A guided journal for teens will be released in 2014 to join the others. 


Breaking Free is available on Amazon. If you would like to stay in touch and see what’s coming next (like the sequel to Breaking Free, the teen journal, or even more poetry), please like my facebook page and stalk my website at  I look forward to hearing from you! 



About the Author:

I have wanted to be a published author for as long as I could remember. I began by writing poetry as a pre-teen and have written more short stories than I could possibly remember. 

My healer's spirit surfaced as an adult and the fiction writing was pushed aside. I have been a certified life coach, specializing in grief. Hence the birth of my first book: Journal Through Your Grief. 

In 2012 I also published Journal Toward Your Joy, a guided journal to help you to be more joyful, and Flow, a book of inspirational quotes and my photography of local waterfalls, lakes, and streams. 

2013 brought a compilation of my poetry, and the book I'm honestly the most proud of to date.

2014 will bring the birth of my first fiction novel, as well as me starting the next one and possibly another collection of poetry.

When I'm not writing or coaching, I spend a lot of time journaling, blogging, planning and enjoying the Pacific Northwest with my love.