Piper's Fury (A Passion of the Soul novel)

Piper's Fury - Rachel Firasek Rachel Firasek has created a page-turning story that is engaging, entertaining, and extremely enjoyable!

Her character creation is spot-on. Piper is such a fun character to read! Stubborn as hell, but she had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion. Bennett Slade... what can I say except: more please! *swoon* If ever there was a strong, sexy vamp to steal my heart, it's Slade. So strong, so honest, so sexy, and so loving. The entire package plus a set of fangs = Bennett Slade.

I also have to mention Rachel's writing capabilities. Many times when reading a book, little things happen that makes the reader wonder if it will be significant later on, but then they turn out to be pointless tidbits of information. Absolutely NOT the case with Rachel Firasek. On more than one occasion, I found myself raising my eyebrows and saying "A-ha! So that's why [insert character name here] did that". Rachel weaves a tale full of little intricacies that braid together in the end perfectly.