Carrier of the Mark

Carrier of the Mark - Leigh Fallon It is hard for me to say much without giving away the story. The synopsis really does cover most everything that happens and if I were to say anything about it, it would certainly spoil the read for others. Instead, I'll tell you what I thought about the cover, the characters, and the writing. :)

The cover of "Evangeline", I must admit, is a big part of why this book grabbed my attention. In my opinion, the cover is beautifully done, but still could have been better. It really gives no focus on aspects of the book that could have been introduced.

Evangeline, Paul, and all of the other main characters were well developed, but I never really felt the connection that us readers look for in a book. That connection is what makes the emotions real to life for a reader, and this book was lacking a bit in that department. I enjoyed all of the characters, but never felt as though I was in their heads.

Gwen is definitely a talented writer, and her words flowed smoothly. There were no grammatical or spelling errors, that I found anyway. The only thing that I might want to see changed is the amount of repetition in the dialogue. It seems her characters like to reiterate what they say to each other sometimes. *wink*

All things considered, I did enjoy reading "Evangeline" and I would suggest it to anyone who wants a quick, erotic, read.

My Rating: 3/5 Fairies!